Happy New Year

Welcome 2007! I pray that you are a better year than 2006 was for us. The only good thing that came out of 2006 was the homebirth of our 4th daughter. It was a wonderfully impowering experience.I am thankful to God,my husband,my midwife and her assistant for being a part of it.

The worst thing that happened was my husband loosing his job due to corporate downsizing. It happened the Friday after the Sunday that our daughter was born. So much for a stress free baby moon. So now the job search is still on and we have to be out of our apartment by the end of Feb. Nothing like not knowing where you are going or what your next job will be. Faith, I have to have faith.

Now that I am thinking about it there were other good things that happened in ’06. Before we relocated down south our middle daughter was diagnosed as having  a mood disorder not otherwise specified. After searching for a new psychiatrist, experiencing failure with the medication she was on, finding a new psychiatrist and still having no luck with the medication we found a homeopath to work with.  A new friend here mentioned the homeopath to me and after reading Rage Free Kids my husband and I decided to try it. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to add another medication or increase the dose anymore.I am happy to say that she is more stable now than she was on the increased doses of the medication she was taking.

We were also able to aquire a few things that we needed for ourselves like a couch and loveseat and a new bed for my husband and I. We were also able to pay cash for all of them. We don’t use credit so this was a big accomplishment for us.

The other good thing was that our move down south put us closer to my family. I was able to see my sister three times. My mom came to help us twice this year, once for Jelly beans surgery and then after Little Ace was born. My grandparents came in for a quick afternoon visit a few weeks ago. Right now my big little brother is hear visiting and I did get to go home for Easter to see everyone.

So I guess there are more good things than I realized. It is just hard to remember them when a job loss is so fresh and such a big deal. So now we have a new year and a new year means a clean slate. I pray that the health of our family continues, that we find a place to land and settle in and that it isn’t too far away from my family. It has been nice to be closer to them.


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Hey.  I saw you stopped by my blog, so I wanted to pop over and say Hi.
    I’m so sorry to read about your husbands job loss, what a horribly stressful situation.  I hope it all works out very soon for you guys.

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