Belly Painting

  I just thought I would share the progression of my belly painting. A wonderful friend did this for me when I was 8months pregnant with our Little Ace.


267361352_ed37e7386f_m[1] (2)

267361356_e6d8064392_m[1] (2)

267361359_a28e9ec10f_m[2] (2)

268437124_d3989d5624_m[2] (2)





8 thoughts on “Belly Painting

  1. Hi ! Thanks for stopping by. The paint she used was professional face paints. The painting only lasted for that day so we took lots of pictures. Then as a baby gift the same friend gave me a circular keepsake box with the design painted on the lid. The design is original but the symbols are Pysanky symbols that are used on Ukranian wooden eggs. Each symbol and color has a special meaning. I have a belly cast from baby #3 that still needs to be painted so I might get her to make another original design for the cast. Whew…probably more info than you wanted.

  2. Oh wow!!!  So beautiful!!!  I regret not taking enough belly pictures in my pregnancies.  But this is so special…and what a good idea re: the belly cast.  How many children do you have? 

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