My Awesome Little Brother

My big little brother came in for a surprise visit this weekend. It was nice to get to visit with him. He called Friday night to let us know he was on his way here. He must have known I just put soup on. He arrived Saturday to the squeals of delight from his two oldest neices. Jelly Bean our two year old took an entire day to warm up to him. On Sunday though we knew she liked him because she emptied her book basket in his lap and said “READ”.

It was a relaxing weekend, completely laid back. We wrapped up his time here with a visit to our cousin’s house so the guys could watch Michigan get stomped and so the ladies could chat. Fun was had by all even though their team lost. So much for the lucky game day shirt!

All too soon his visit ended and I am sad to say that I didn’t get to tell him goodbye because I was busy putting littles to bed and fell asleep along with them. I woke up to find that his lap top had been “forgotten”. The sweet nut left it for us to borrow since our computer is dead. I cried when  I realized what  he had done.

In the immortal words of your nieces Josh…..YOU ROCK!! I love you little brother and can’t wait to see you at the end of the month. 

JoAnns Camera 020


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