Poison control,homeopathy and mothering magazine

My day yesterday was full but these three things were what stood out in my day.


#1 Yesterday started out quite interestingly enough. I was doing the mommy thing and noticed my 2yo walk into the kitchen. I didn’t see what she had in her hand but in the next minute I heard her say “Ewww” I turn to see her trying to scrape something off her tongue and I see she is holding her big sister’s deoderant stick in her hand. Ack!! There were several chunks out of it so I called poison control to see how this needed to be handled. I have NEVER had to call them. I was scrambling for the number when my 11yo said “I have it mom! It’s with my babysitting emergency numbers I carry.” She totally amazes me. She has a hard time multitasking and remembering to do things but when it counts she comes through. All was ok, no trip to the hospital. Just needed a to rinse our her mouth and go over the “Keep the bathroom door closed” rule.

#2 We have been blessed to find a homeopath in our area and we have been working with her for myself and our two oldest children. Recently though myself and the younger two had thrush. I knew I didn’t want to go into the doctor’s office during cold and flu season if I didn’t have too. So we started working on some remedies and I am happy to say that it is gone in the littles and is clearing for me! Homeopathy rocks. It is so cool to see it work. When we finally hit the right remedy for the baby the white patches in her mouth just started disappearing one by one.

#3 My mothering magazine came in the mail yesterday. I have a standing rule that when it comes in I get a really long bath all to myself so I can relax and read. When my husband handed it to me it was almost like winning the lottery. I could hardly wait until after supper. This issue is also really cool because it has an article in there about a dad who came around to the idea of his wife wanting to homebirth and now he wouldn’t have it anyother way. I haven’t had a chance to read that particular article yet but I was excited to see it because it sounds similar to our experience with our home birth.

My husband wasn’s sure about birthing at home and I was. I had had 3 hospital births that had progressively gotten better each time because I had educated myself even more but this time I knew I wanted it to be at home, in my space, my comfort zone.I researched, found a midwife and we had our consultation appointment. It didn’t take too long for my husband to agree that home was the best place for us this time. One day when I have the time I will post our birth story. All of our children’s births were miracles and they were special but our homebirth was more than we could have ever wanted.


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