What We Learned Yesterday

1. Georgia’s land area is 57,906sq miles and is the 21st largest state.

2. Michigan’ s land area is 56,804sq miles and is the 22nd largest state.

3. Marie Curie shared the Nobel Peace Prize in 1903 with Henri Becquerel.

4. Parameciums are weird looking.

5. I’m addicted to sugar. Actually I have known this for a while but am just now admitting I need to change my habits.

6. A 2pm appointment is just a suggestion of when you will get your teeth cleaned,not the actual time you will be seen.

7. Our dentist should not give breastfeeding advice.

8. My children don’t like the dentist.

9. I will be looking for a new dentist.

10. 11yo learned about the top 10 lucky Chinese Symbols.

11. I can have a quiet phone conversation as long as I am nursing the 2yo.


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