Silly things I think about from time to time

Why is it that I have sooo many plastic lids in my cabinet but not an equal amount of containers?

Why do the lids that I have not fit any of the containers?

Is there a force field around the clean laundry basket that only I can penetrate?

Why are there empty cracker boxes in the pantry? There must be a force field around the trash can too.

Do any other parents think the Disney Channel is a waste of their children’s brain cells?

Why are there self cleaning ovens but not self cleaning toilets?

and last but not least

Am I destined to never step into a bathroom unaccompanied again?



12 thoughts on “Silly things I think about from time to time

  1. It is a great book. I read it years ago, but got a new hard copy edition for Christmas. I am going to have a hard time keeping my resolution to read 50 non fiction books at this rate. Four kids is definitely a challenge. That puts you higher on the prayer list. Old Hat

  2. I RELEASE you …. go ahead. Throw away the containers without lids, throw away the lids without containers!!! It’s ok!!! Really. And yes. Someday …. when you least expect it? You will find yourself ALONE in the bathroom. You will look around and wander? “Why am I here again?” *LOL* The force fields? If you figure out how to release them? Let me know … Mean time? Get one of the kids to clean the bathroom – it’s almost as good as self-cleaning!! (((((((( This, too, shall pass HUGS!!! )))))))))))))

  3. The really odd thing is I married a girl whose dream was to live in downtown Chicago and live the city life. I guess we all just have to bloom where we are planted. You girls have both bloomed and multiplied. I am proud of you. Old Hat

  4. cool whip containers work magically.. they match and you can find the lid and container easily. Right now I have about 100 tupperware pieces since the wedding showers for the past two weeks.

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