After two months and one week of being unexpectedly unemployed I am happy to say that my husband has a new job. I want to first thank God for his provision during this time. Next I want to thank everyone who prayed or thought positive thoughts for us during this time. There is nothing like having the rug pulled out from under you just one week after having your fourth baby. It is hard as a wife to watch your husband send out resume after resume and for the phone to sit silent. It is even harder when the phone rings and an interview is set up only to find that it wasn’t the job for him. We are both excited for him to be starting his job on Monday. It means that now we can look for a house that will give us the room that we need. No more two bedroom apartment for this family! It means that we can actually start putting down roots and let go of the underlying hesitency we have in making friends because we know we get to stay in the area. It is wonderful that I don’t have to move farther away from my family. It is just plain wonderful.


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  1. It certainly does sound wonderful. Funny, I read your comment on Old Hat’s site and than went back to check out your site because your comment sounded so much like me (lol) who wouldn’t want to own a horse ranch in MT right? but than I couldn’t find it … you must’ve deleted your comment. weird. anyways, you sound interesting. Congrats on the baby and the new job and upcoming move (boy you must be a tough lady 🙂 
    blessings and His protection.

  2. RYC- if I could just get my husband into boggle, I’d be set =)  I do have a couple girlfriends who play with me now and than but to satisfy my cravings I play boggle online!! Its great. If you go to msngames.com or weboggle you can play for free. have fun!

  3. Congrats on the job! This is so fantastic for your family! Yes roots are nice, friends are nice..and a home is nice…….I hope it all works out so well for your wonderful family

  4. Why haven’t you yet told me about the deoderant story! I laughed so hard. So do you post every day! I think you have too much time on your hands. Well gotta go have a hippy day.

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