Monday Mahem

Well it wasn’t exactly mahem but it was definitely Monday. My sister and mom were here over the weekend to lend us a hand. It was great to see them even if I did put them to work. We are in the middle of a move. I finally get to pack up everything in our apartment and move it to our new rental home. We are all so excited we can hardly contain ourselves. We have lived in a two bedroom apartment for the last year and it has taken a toll on our family. It is hard to find a place to cry by yourself in such a small space.

So I am trying to pack up the things in our bedroom while simultaneously doing the laundry so we aren’t without clean clothes. I was hoping that the littles would take a long nap today but no such luck. I was also hoping the bigs would be unusually cooperative and would voluntarily finish packing their room without any problems. Obviously I was delusional in my thinking.

After a few short naps and many hurt feelings I abandoned the dream I had of harmony and accomplishment and decided to get supper together so we could make a trip over to the new house with the few boxes I did manage to get packed today.

On the trip over my 11yo and I had a good conversation. She was able to share with me some of the feelings she was dealing with and I realized that I am too quick to be critical and I need to practice daily on affirming her more than I do.  I was glad she was able to talk with me. I truly wanted to hear how she felt so that we could clear the air and learn where each of us is coming from. I just really felt that I stunk at being a mom today. I take her emotions personaly and I need to learn to disconnect so that I don’t get wrapped up in the rollercoaster. One of us has to think clearly right?

When we arrived at the house our lease was there. Our landlords blessed us by starting our lease on the 15th even though we are moving in this weekend. That gives us some much needed breathing room in the finance department. My husband unloaded the truck and the van and we chatted about what furniture pieces we are going to buy first. We desperately need dining room chairs so that is first on the list. I think I will hit the good will stores to see if I get lucky. Oh and I also ran the idea of painting our end tables in the living room black. When the project gets started I will post pictures as it progresses. All during this time our girls are running up and down the stairs playing hide and seek and having a great time.

Back at the apartment we all get a snack and then start getting ready for bed. I nurse the littles down and come out to the living room to find it empty….for about 15min. Our 11yo comes out unable to sleep. She turns on the tv and I do some surfing. After a little while I suggest we read the rest of A Bridge to Terabithia. We grab a couple of blankets and snuggle down to read the last few chapters. I knew what was coming but I cried anyway and turtle(dd) cried with me too. I would regain my composure only to start crying again. Silly book. Now I will have puffy eyes in the morning.


5 thoughts on “Monday Mahem

  1. Accomplishment??? You accomplished so much yesterday, you just did not see it!! No worries it will happen. Slowly and one day at a time. You are super mommie!! Just remember, eating breakfast before the littles get up, is Gods way of giving you an extra 10 min. to reflect!!

  2. Moving… ugh.  I swear the next time I move, I am leaving anything that won’t pack in 2 boxes.  I had unpacked boxes in the garage and basement for 4 years after the move… pitiful!
    My ten yr old son said Bridge toTerabithia was “too sad” and hopes the movie won’t be…
    I am happy you have a new home! 

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