Here we go again!!!

It’s in the air again. The “breastfeeding offends me so let’s make it harder for moms to do it” disease.

And on myspace apparently it is ok to post comments with pictures of half naked men and women but it isn’t ok to post pictures of breastfeeding babies.

Breastfeeding is NATURAL! N-A-T-U-R-A-L. It is the right of every baby born into this world to be breastfed. It isn’t gross, or nasty or wrong. It is healthy, beautiful and NATURAL!!

Instead of trying to make it harder for moms to breastfeed because you aren’t informed about how NATURAL it is, EDUCATE yourself on the subject and leave us nursing moms alone. We just want to feed our babies and they just want to eat.


Because I said yes I ROCK!!





A second piercing added a few weeks ago



 Tomorrow I will probably loose my cool mom status due to some simple request that I could not forsee would demote me to

“The most uncool mom in the universe”

So for now I will just enjoy the moment while it lasts.




Catching Up

Our landlords gave us a computer. It is older so it doesn’t allow me to post pictures with my digital and it won’t let me do all the fancy things with my Xanga posts that the laptop we were borrowing did but I am grateful to be connected online.

Let me see if I can highlight some of the happenings over the last week……use your imagination since I can’t post pictures.

We discovered the hard way that the interior portion of the refrigerator door was warped. This meant that the shelves were not secure and so we wound up with a broken bottle of Worchestershire sauce one day and then a couple of days later my hard sought after bottle of Marichino cherry juice met the tile floor. Thanfully our landlords found an easy fix and the shelves are now secure. However I have been unable to find anymore cherry juice and this bothers me.

I was blessed with a new to me bookshelf for our library. I need to wipe it down and get it into the house so I can unpack all of the “school” supplies. I want to have the library in some symblance of order by Friday afternoon. If it is in order then I can tell how many more bookshelves I will need for my book addiction…I mean collection.

I really wish I could post the pictures for this next event. Maybe I will when we get an updated computer. Who knew that one box of red highlight dye would make me the coolest mom ever?? Our 11yo dd scrounged up the money to buy the dye and I was the lucky hairdresser. An hour later and only two clothing items permenately ruined she has really cool red highlights that caused some heads to turn at church on Sunday. I love how comfortable she is with who she is and what she wants to do. I always wanted that for my girls because I never had it for myself until much later in life.

We have all been sick. Turtle (11) had a fever the day before we headed back from Mississippi. I got pink eye the same day…hooray for breastmilk! Sunshine(8) spent that Monday throwing up and sleeping all day. Tuesday Jelly Bean(2) ran a fever and developed the worse cold she has ever had. Of course Ace(3mnths) and I are still battling thrush. This has been the sickest we have ever been. Stress!!!

Let’s see…oh Turtle will begin an acting class tomorrow. She is excited. I checked out the 4H program for our county and am totally bummed because they don’t have anything for kids younger than 10. So I am going to be checking out a Tang Soo Do studio for Sunshine. I also have to find reasonable drum lessons for her as well.

I think those are all the highlights of the last week. We are working on getting our back yard certified as a National Wildlife Habitat. I will try to post pictures of that project as well. I have been trying to keep up with everyone here. Hopefully I will fall into more of a routine by next week and my posts won’t be so spaced out.

I think of You

When for the hundreth time my two year old asks to be carried and I feel put out by the request, I think of you.

When at the days end my eleven year old has told me that she hates me at least five or more times, I think of you.

When my eight year old meltsdown over what I feel is a trivial thing, I think of you.

I think of you and how you are no longer here. I think of your parents and how they cherished every moment with you. The memory of you causes me to be thankful that I have a two year old that wants to be carried, and older children who can express themselves in negative ways.

I think of you when I cuddle my infant and watch her first smiles.

I think of you when I sing with my eight year old as loud as we can.

I think of you when I watch all of my girls dance in the living room and I can see the joy and hear their laughter as they live life.

I think of you and how you will never do these things again. I think of your parents and cannot even fathom what they must feel inside. I think of how life is precious and a gift and in a moment it can end. Your memory reminds me to live everyday thankful. It reminds me to live out loud.

You are much loved Beth and sorely missed.

Just coming out from under all the boxes to say hi. I am checking my subscription digests. You all decided to get busy while I was in the middle of this move! I can’t keep up.

Last week was so stressful. I was trying to pack up our house with four children;two that were sick with yucky head colds. On Tuesday my 8yo had a slight stomach virus that I thought was something else until I got the stomach virus and spent Wed. pretty sure that I wasn’t going to make it. It felt like I had a vice clamped down on my stomach. The pain would not let up no matter how often I threw up. So I spent the day on the couch Thursday recouping which meant I lost a day of packing. This of course means I have a plethora of miscellaneous boxes because on Sat. it was just time to get everything in a box and get it moved. Blech! Even after all of the help we had on Sat. we have still had to make a couple of trips back to the apartment to get all of our stuff out. It is amazing just how much will fit into a two bedroom apartment.

Just when I didn’t think things could get anymore stressful I received a call from home to let me know that our really good friends lost their daughter on Sunday night. She was a young teenager and passed away from a brain aneurism. This is the first time my older girls have had to deal with the death of a friend. It hasn’t been easy. So now myself and the girls are heading home for the funeral. We are all so sad. She was their only daughter and it is just so unfair.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we travel. I will try to check in while I am out of town.

For Those Who Participate in Self Portrait Tues.

I would love to do this but I am intimidated. Do all of you have really awesome camera equipment? I know Julie does (drool), anyone else? All I have is a digital camera. While it is nice I don’t have a tripod or anything special to go with it. Also I am pretty sure it has a timer on it but that would require reading the owners manual to figure that out. Are all of the pictures you take strictly taken by you or do you sometimes have someone take the photo for you. Then there is all the technical stuff of linking back to the site and grabbing a button and well ,it is enough to make me just long to do this instead of actually doing it.

So my beautiful self portrait friends can you help me out?