For Those Who Participate in Self Portrait Tues.

I would love to do this but I am intimidated. Do all of you have really awesome camera equipment? I know Julie does (drool), anyone else? All I have is a digital camera. While it is nice I don’t have a tripod or anything special to go with it. Also I am pretty sure it has a timer on it but that would require reading the owners manual to figure that out. Are all of the pictures you take strictly taken by you or do you sometimes have someone take the photo for you. Then there is all the technical stuff of linking back to the site and grabbing a button and well ,it is enough to make me just long to do this instead of actually doing it.

So my beautiful self portrait friends can you help me out?


8 thoughts on “For Those Who Participate in Self Portrait Tues.

  1. well, I take 90% of mine with my arm extended out, it takes practive but with a digital you can take 10 shots and only keep the one you like.  I have used the timer which is fairly easy on my camera but it can be tricky to get the right focus.  I have had Jesse take a handful of self portraits for me when I needed to button pushed as just te right second but I use a tripod for that.
    As far as signing up for the website, don’t bother if you are just warming up to it and it seems overwhelming, start slow and experiment before really diving in!

  2. Yeppers… I agree with Julie’s advice… and I have an old digital with barely 2 mp because my other camera bit the dust… so… no matter camera you have you can manage.
    For, close ups I hold my camera myself also…but I have short arms… blah… so it can be hard.
    If you have an auto focus type point and shoot, the timer is great really… you put it on the self timer mode and push the shutter button, you have anywhere from 5-30 seconds to get in place…. 15-20 on average. My camera starts flashing red and them it gets faster and faster letting me know it’s about to shoot the shot.
    Join! Join! Join! It was the most uncomfortable thing for me ever! But I decided to see if it would help me crawl out of my shell… it did. I used to never take pics with my kids either… I made sure i was the one behind the camera… no more and I treasure all I have taken of us since joining. :o)
    If you are just learning your camera, try taking many outdoors in good natural light, (sun behind the camera while learning) you are sure to get good crisp shots that way …. can’t wait to see your enrties 🙂

  3. I just started, and can’t even figure out how to get my pics on their site. I just post them on my own, for fun, with a link to the SPT site at top. My cam is almost 5 years old, just a point and shoot, but it does have a timer that I use. Or my arm held out. Also, natural light, the sun behind the camera. That looks better with my crappy little camera. Have fun!

  4. I never joined to official site either,just the self portrait tuesday blogring. I take most of my with arm extended or on 10 second timer. Sometimes I just balance the camera on the bed or couch or whatever because I am too lazy to set up the tripod! I never have anyone else take the picture,but if I had a super cool set up or something(think of those shots of Julie in the tub)I probably would have them push the button after I set everything up. It really is fun to do the self-portraits,you should do it!!

  5. Maybe you should call your technically enclined sister to help you out!! hehehe… Usually to work the timer it is through the main menu.. Or atleast that is how mine is. When I come back I will have to take some for you. And then we can figure out your timer!! HUGZ HUGZ!!

  6. I am so excited about your move! It will not last forever, friend. You will make it. One piece of unsolicited, but well earned advice on the 11 y/o girl. Girls live on a roller coaster. Way up, way down and everything in between. The amazing thing is that the absolute low of today can be followed by tomorrow by the greatest high ever. Our job as parents is not to ride it with them. We don’t recover as quick. The lows last longer for us. So let her ride the rides. You stay steady. Hope that makes sense. It sure helped me out.
    Have a great day and good luck with the camera timer! Old Hat

  7. I have a good camera, but not the courage to match… I had a relapse with depression and stopped participating in SPTuesday… I should try to do it this week… I think I am having a bad hair year…

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