Catching Up

Our landlords gave us a computer. It is older so it doesn’t allow me to post pictures with my digital and it won’t let me do all the fancy things with my Xanga posts that the laptop we were borrowing did but I am grateful to be connected online.

Let me see if I can highlight some of the happenings over the last week……use your imagination since I can’t post pictures.

We discovered the hard way that the interior portion of the refrigerator door was warped. This meant that the shelves were not secure and so we wound up with a broken bottle of Worchestershire sauce one day and then a couple of days later my hard sought after bottle of Marichino cherry juice met the tile floor. Thanfully our landlords found an easy fix and the shelves are now secure. However I have been unable to find anymore cherry juice and this bothers me.

I was blessed with a new to me bookshelf for our library. I need to wipe it down and get it into the house so I can unpack all of the “school” supplies. I want to have the library in some symblance of order by Friday afternoon. If it is in order then I can tell how many more bookshelves I will need for my book addiction…I mean collection.

I really wish I could post the pictures for this next event. Maybe I will when we get an updated computer. Who knew that one box of red highlight dye would make me the coolest mom ever?? Our 11yo dd scrounged up the money to buy the dye and I was the lucky hairdresser. An hour later and only two clothing items permenately ruined she has really cool red highlights that caused some heads to turn at church on Sunday. I love how comfortable she is with who she is and what she wants to do. I always wanted that for my girls because I never had it for myself until much later in life.

We have all been sick. Turtle (11) had a fever the day before we headed back from Mississippi. I got pink eye the same day…hooray for breastmilk! Sunshine(8) spent that Monday throwing up and sleeping all day. Tuesday Jelly Bean(2) ran a fever and developed the worse cold she has ever had. Of course Ace(3mnths) and I are still battling thrush. This has been the sickest we have ever been. Stress!!!

Let’s see…oh Turtle will begin an acting class tomorrow. She is excited. I checked out the 4H program for our county and am totally bummed because they don’t have anything for kids younger than 10. So I am going to be checking out a Tang Soo Do studio for Sunshine. I also have to find reasonable drum lessons for her as well.

I think those are all the highlights of the last week. We are working on getting our back yard certified as a National Wildlife Habitat. I will try to post pictures of that project as well. I have been trying to keep up with everyone here. Hopefully I will fall into more of a routine by next week and my posts won’t be so spaced out.


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