Because I said yes I ROCK!!





A second piercing added a few weeks ago



 Tomorrow I will probably loose my cool mom status due to some simple request that I could not forsee would demote me to

“The most uncool mom in the universe”

So for now I will just enjoy the moment while it lasts.





9 thoughts on “

  1. yes you do rock and you will rock when you have to say NO though you may not have the same reaction 🙂 Moms who says yes all the time are not usually thanked when the kids are old enough to understand its ripple effect.  but saying yes is probably a whole lot more fun!!!!

  2. K… you know that I think it is way cool!!! I am the hip mom!!! hehehe… jk… Josh and I discussed how you are becoming un hippie and way cool!!!! lol…. You are cool all the time. And to your girls you will always ROCK, cause you are their role modle, their love of a lifetime. The one they will always come to ALWAYS!!!
    But I will ALWAYS be the WAY COOL aunt!!! hehehe….

  3. you are one cool momma, her hair looks cute!! I remember how excited I was when my mom let me get my ear double pierced when I was about 11. I thought she was the coolest mom too. : )

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