Here we go again!!!

It’s in the air again. The “breastfeeding offends me so let’s make it harder for moms to do it” disease.

And on myspace apparently it is ok to post comments with pictures of half naked men and women but it isn’t ok to post pictures of breastfeeding babies.

Breastfeeding is NATURAL! N-A-T-U-R-A-L. It is the right of every baby born into this world to be breastfed. It isn’t gross, or nasty or wrong. It is healthy, beautiful and NATURAL!!

Instead of trying to make it harder for moms to breastfeed because you aren’t informed about how NATURAL it is, EDUCATE yourself on the subject and leave us nursing moms alone. We just want to feed our babies and they just want to eat.


9 thoughts on “Here we go again!!!

  1. That mall story sucks. Poor family! Jeeze, I remember nursing Raya anywhere and everywhere till she was almost three! I never hid her under a hot, stuffy, blanket. If anyone looked at me funny,I didn’t notice. I guess maybe we are lucky here. At the restaurant where I work, I am always so proud to see a Mama nursing at the table. A few weeks ago, a Mama was nursing her toddler at the table and I said to her, “I gotta say,I love what I’m seeing here!” I wish we could put it on the menu; “Please feel free to nurse your child at our tables.”

  2. WOW… You preach it hunnie!!! You are so right!!! SO RIGHT…. Next time just tell them that you don’t wanna see them eat in front of you…. We all need food and that is the most natural way for babies to get it. Hey they need to think back in time. What did women do before formula and bottles.Come on people, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS…. GO ALL breastfeading mommies!!!! YOU ROCK….

  3. I am entirely too tired to follow the links. I am about to go augment my 3 hours of sleep last night with a good nap, but I just had to come tell you something first. I have seen your comments in a various places and they reflect such wonderful compassion. I just had to tell you that I am so proud of you.
    Mrs Hat breast fed ours and no one ever said a word. But then, of course, I am a very tall, frightening looking cowboy. That helps, I think. =) I only remember once in all these years that I was ever made uncomfortable by breastfeeding. We were waiting for a table at IHOP and watching this 2 and a half year old boy run around and be a boy who does not like to wait at IHOP. Like boys do. Then he runs over to his Mom, screams “want titty!!” at the top of his lungs and yanks her shirt up over his head. I believe I blushed to the roots of my hair.
    Old Hat

  4. I can barely believe they are serious. Have you seen some of the pictures (infact MOST of the pictures) on Myspace?! I signed and thanks for linking it!

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