The laptop is gone so until we get a new computer my entries will be pictureless and I won’t be able to mess around with the font like I usually do.

I’m still sick and that just stinks. This has been the worst cold I have ever had. I am also just completely frustrated with the fact that we have all been sick for so long. Ace started with a runny nose yesterday! Can I get a break please??

I know from my email that several of you have lots of new entries on your sites. I wish I could keep up but I have to catch up on so much that didn’t get done while we were at our sickest points. Please know that I think of you all often and am praying for all of you. When time allows and things are more normal I will check in on everyone.


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  1. Good morning to you, friend. I am so sorry you guys are still dealing with the CRUD. (acronym for Chronic, Recurring, Undiagnosed Disease) We have had more than we want of that this winter. Thank you for your kind words. As for Mrs Hat, it is I that am the lucky one. She has had a very civilizing effect on me. There is a long ways yet to go, I’m afraid, but I continue working on it. You have not been sick forever. It just seems like it. You will be well soon. All of you will. I continue to pray for health and energy and daily adventures.
    Old Hat

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