Quote For The Day

“There can be no food more locally produced, more sustainable or more environmentally friendly than a mother’s breastmilk… It is a naturally renewable resource, which requires no packaging or transport, results in no wastage, and is free.” – Patti Rundall

I saw this on a message board…here is the link to the author’s site;http://www.theecologist.org/archive_detail.asp?content_id=586

Sorry it isn’t clickable this computer is just too old to handle the fancy stuff.

I have so much that I want to blog and so many pictures I want to add but this computer just doesn’t make it easy to do that. Getting a new computer isn’t going to happen for a while and that is a bummer. I am grateful for this one,don’t get me wrong. I would have no internet access if we didn’t have it. I can keep up with email, other blogs and the kids can do research etc. It is a good tool, just not a good blogging tool. I’m off to play bookworm.

To Do For The Day:

Clean out the frig….something stinks in there

Unearth the diningroom table so it can be used as I don’t know…a diningroom table??!!

Fold the laundry

Clean the bathrooms because they are bathrooms and not science labs.

If I can get all of this done today I will feel good about having company over tomorrow. Now I need to post this and get to work. Sorry for the totally boring post.

Awake to sweet baby smiles

Clear out email while listening to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Greet the 2yo who promptly requests “nee”

Snuggle on the couch for time with the littles

11yo rises with a sour look but does some research on ancestory.com

Read some boardbooks to the babies

Deal with Dr.Jekyll Mr. Hyde mood swing from the 11yo (here I pat myself on the back because I think I did AWESOME)

Wake the 8yo

Clean out the van


Outside to blow bubbles and weed the flower bed

11yo works on a new fairy house.

8yo is playing on the computer at disneyfairies.com

2yo and I follow a ladybug, ACE plays in her bouncy seat

8yo helps with the fairy house

Bigs try to see how close they can get to a robin before it flies away

Various activities occur

Husband is home (Hooray!!!)



Babies down


New word learned while reading America A Patriotic Primer by Lynne Cheney—vexillologist–flag expert

Waiting on chocolate icecream

It’s been a good day

Babies are asleep and we have a working monitor so I can blog again. I am sorry for my absensce and lack of checking in on everyone. I feel like a poor cyber friend.

The girls and I went home to visit for Easter. Sat. is spent with my mom’s family. We had a wonderful time Sat. at my aunt and uncle’s home in the country. It is one of my favorite get togethers. Good friends who happen to be family, good food, and great desserts. I got to see a friend from highschool that I hadn’t seen in umm 14years. She looked great and her little boys were adorable.

Sunday was spent with my dad and his wife. We all gathered at my younger brother’s new home to have crawfish and ribs. It was great food and a lot of laughs. I think we ate almost all 50lbs of the crawfish. I enjoyed watching my dad with Jelly bean. He was really enjoying being a Paw Paw. I have an awesome picture of the two of them together but I can’t upload it on this computer.

Monday came and went in a whirlwind of visits. First with my mom for an in- home movie and pizza. Next it was a way too short visit with my best girlfriend of 26years. She had a sweet baby in July of last year and I had Ace in Nov. so we got to see each other’s little ones in person for the first time. I’m biased but I think we have cute kids. One last stop at my grandparents house and it was time to get back to my dad’s to pack for our return home.

Going to visit family is always fun but it is nice to come back home.

The lateset in Jelly Bean’s life this past couple of months….

–Completely potty learned at 27months!!

–Loves to be outside and loves to swing.

–Latest phrases: “Probably”, “Don’t worry ’bout it.”, “I do it!! I do it!!!”, “Take me.”

–Has had several pieces of toilet paper and one earring extracted from her nose.

— Became a lactavist @ 26 months when she nursed her babydoll at our neighborhood park.

–Keeps her parents hopping with her constant explorations into things we thought were safely out of her reach.

–Is the laughter in the midst of this sometimes raging storm called life.