The lateset in Jelly Bean’s life this past couple of months….

–Completely potty learned at 27months!!

–Loves to be outside and loves to swing.

–Latest phrases: “Probably”, “Don’t worry ’bout it.”, “I do it!! I do it!!!”, “Take me.”

–Has had several pieces of toilet paper and one earring extracted from her nose.

— Became a lactavist @ 26 months when she nursed her babydoll at our neighborhood park.

–Keeps her parents hopping with her constant explorations into things we thought were safely out of her reach.

–Is the laughter in the midst of this sometimes raging storm called life.


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  1. How precious!!!!  Sounds like you’re having a blast!   I’m so glad you guys are all feeling better….  are you coming to MS for Easter?  If so, have a safe trip!  XOXO

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