Awake to sweet baby smiles

Clear out email while listening to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Greet the 2yo who promptly requests “nee”

Snuggle on the couch for time with the littles

11yo rises with a sour look but does some research on

Read some boardbooks to the babies

Deal with Dr.Jekyll Mr. Hyde mood swing from the 11yo (here I pat myself on the back because I think I did AWESOME)

Wake the 8yo

Clean out the van


Outside to blow bubbles and weed the flower bed

11yo works on a new fairy house.

8yo is playing on the computer at

2yo and I follow a ladybug, ACE plays in her bouncy seat

8yo helps with the fairy house

Bigs try to see how close they can get to a robin before it flies away

Various activities occur

Husband is home (Hooray!!!)



Babies down


New word learned while reading America A Patriotic Primer by Lynne Cheney—vexillologist–flag expert

Waiting on chocolate icecream

It’s been a good day

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  1. Hey!  Glad to see you’re back in the blogosphere again!!!  Now I can keep up with ya!  Glad you had a great Easter and a great day.  And I LOVE Beetlejuice!  XOXO

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