Someone send me some duct tape fast!!! I desperately need some to put over my mouth so I don’t do anymore mental damage to my kids. I could just kick myself. We were all cooking in the kitchen and Aly was helping me with my black bean stuff and C.C. was trying to make a Wacky cake and Emi was being 2 and making a big mess.

Aly asked me about a measurement. It was 3/4tsp. I told her she would need to use the 1/4tsp 3x to get the amount she needed. So she holds up a measuring spoon which I quickly glance at and nod. She is about to put the second scoop in when I see that she has the teaspoon measuring spoon. So in my being overwhelmed with so much going on I said “If you can’t do the math and figure out the measurements then just get out of the kitchen.” <—-should be frowning.

Why did I say that?? She already has such an aversion to math because it doesn’t come easy and I go and open my big mouth and make the problem worse.

Today I do not get the coolest mommy award. I should get the “Doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut award.” I did apologize but it will still effect her. Ugh….

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today has been very nice. Jorry and Emi made breakfast for me. Then the big girls gave me pictures they had made. Then I spent the day working on a new bag/purse that I am making. Jorry kept the littles entertained so I could work as uninterrupted as possible. I am almost finished with it and am quite pleased with how it is turning out. I am thinking of possibly opening up an etsy shop when we get a new computer. I’ll be sure to post about it if I do.

I hope everyone has had a nice relaxing day.

I think we are going to hit some garage sales today. Aly needs some shorts and I of course am always on the look out for more good reads to add to our library. The girls love to go. C.C. usually winds up purchasing more stuffed animals to add the the growing family she has in her bedroom. Sometimes we have really good garage sale days and sometimes not. If the sales are the greatest we might hit good will. It’s like a treasure hunt for us. Anyone else feel the same way?

Later this afternoon Aly will go to a friend’s house to spend the night. They are going to go to a Dance Revolution event at the library tomorrow. She has already picked out her outfit. Does anyone remember the half gloves that Madonna used to wear in the 80s? Aly had some tights that she wasn’t wearing anymore so she took them and made several little gloves from them. I love her ability to take things and turn them into something new. I also love that she has her own style and isn’t worried about what others think. I was too much of a follower in school…I don’t want my kids to be that way.

C.c. is bummed that she isn’t old enough to go so we plan on playing a few games of Pirates Life and any other game she wants to play. She loves all kinds of games. If she asks you to sit and play be prepared to be sitting for a while. I think we are also going to tackle her room. She asked me to help her the other day and I said I would but it didn’t happen.

I hope to get the laundry completely caught up this weekend and this includes getting it folded AND put away. I’ll let you know how that goes. I am off to find some breakfast and mourn that someone took the last coke. Have a great weekend!!!!

Remembering to Look

I read a book today to our 2yo Emi. The title is Out of the Ocean by Debra Frasier The opening words in the book read as follows:

“My mother says you can ask the ocean to bring you something. If you look, she says, you might find it.”

So as you read it is a dialogue between a mother a child about asking for different things from the ocean. Like shells, feathers, smooth glass, and other “treasures”. All things that can be taken home. The child notices that the things her mom asks for, water, sun, moonlight etc. are all things that are always there. You just have to look for them.

“She laughs and says that now I know her secret. It’s not the asking. It’s the remembering to look. And sometimes, she says, the bigger the thing, the easier it is to forget to see it.”

It’s not the asking, it’s the remembering to look.

Did you remember to look today?

Mission Organization

I got the library/sewing room organized today. The floor is almost clear enough to vacuum! Woo hoo! I would post pictures but the computer is so old that the connection for our camera is not compatible. So just imagine 3 6’tall bookshelves and one short one full of books,binders, games, craft items,paper. The turn just a bit and you will see the 1950 Singer sewing machine with the material for the new bag I want to make. The sewing machine was my great grandmother’s. I wish I was half the seamstress she was. Hopefully I will get to sit down at it this week and make my bag and finish the summer dress I am making for Ace. I hope you had a great Sunday!

Educational Pursuits Abound

Today after a rocky morning Turtle(11yo) began to research about the depleation of the ozone layer. I’m not sure what sparked the interest but away she went. Maybe it was something she heard on the Red Green episode we were watching. She decided that she wanted to create a display like a science fair project. She found a display board that we had and spent the next hour working away. Her sister found another board and started her own project. Then when I headed to the library to return books she wanted to come so she could print out some pictures and pick out some books.

When we got back she worked on it some more and then shared it with us. Then just a few minutes ago she came downstairs to ask me to choose a person in history for her to do a report on. She doesn’t want to choose, she wants me to. She also wants to work on grammar and ,hold your breath, MATH this week and she wants me to grade her Ozone project. Doesn’t she know there is no grading in unschooling??

So for those who stop by and actually read this who should she do a report on? Leave your suggestions in the comment box.

I am off to take out my sticky contacts and climb into my ever so small sliver of space between the 2yo and the 6month old. Hope your hump day was a good one!

Editing to update that we chose Clara Barton.