Educational Pursuits Abound

Today after a rocky morning Turtle(11yo) began to research about the depleation of the ozone layer. I’m not sure what sparked the interest but away she went. Maybe it was something she heard on the Red Green episode we were watching. She decided that she wanted to create a display like a science fair project. She found a display board that we had and spent the next hour working away. Her sister found another board and started her own project. Then when I headed to the library to return books she wanted to come so she could print out some pictures and pick out some books.

When we got back she worked on it some more and then shared it with us. Then just a few minutes ago she came downstairs to ask me to choose a person in history for her to do a report on. She doesn’t want to choose, she wants me to. She also wants to work on grammar and ,hold your breath, MATH this week and she wants me to grade her Ozone project. Doesn’t she know there is no grading in unschooling??

So for those who stop by and actually read this who should she do a report on? Leave your suggestions in the comment box.

I am off to take out my sticky contacts and climb into my ever so small sliver of space between the 2yo and the 6month old. Hope your hump day was a good one!

Editing to update that we chose Clara Barton.


4 thoughts on “Educational Pursuits Abound

  1. Wow! What a heck of a day!! We decided to make history books today. We have a workbook around here about Ancient Civilizations and we have chapters about Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, and The Aztecs! This is gonna be awesome! I can’t think of a darn person to suggest to do a report on. We love Red Green round here!! Keep your stick on the ice!

  2. Sacagaewean. Or how ever you spell it. You know the Indian that helepd Louis and Clark on their discovery. That would be cool. How far back in history does she want to go? Sounds like ya’ll are busy busy beez!!! Give everyone love for me.. BIG HUGZ….
    P.S. Still have my broom stick!!! LOL..

  3. Happy Friday, JoAnn. Thank you so much for the voice mail. That was such a delight this morning. This week needed a few smiles and you have provided a great big one. You are a blessing to me. I appreciate you. Sorry for the grossness factor in that story. There was really no other way to tell it. lol Mrs Hat warned me that I might get a few lectures about that. Maybe I should come up with a warning label system. =D I pray your weekend is wonderful.
    Old Hat

  4. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sounds like you have had some great learning going on – isn’t it wonderful when it happens so naturally? If my kids put that much effort into something and wanted a grade, they’d get an A+! Oh, and we LOVE the Red Green Show. I have a daughter who always asks for a supply of duct tape for Christmas.

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