Mission Organization

I got the library/sewing room organized today. The floor is almost clear enough to vacuum! Woo hoo! I would post pictures but the computer is so old that the connection for our camera is not compatible. So just imagine 3 6’tall bookshelves and one short one full of books,binders, games, craft items,paper. The turn just a bit and you will see the 1950 Singer sewing machine with the material for the new bag I want to make. The sewing machine was my great grandmother’s. I wish I was half the seamstress she was. Hopefully I will get to sit down at it this week and make my bag and finish the summer dress I am making for Ace. I hope you had a great Sunday!

3 thoughts on “Mission Organization

  1. Good for you!!  Sounds like a place that would be my favorite room in the house!!  How does the singer work out for you?  Is it easy to use, or more time consuming?

  2. Oh, I’m always saying that I want to get my mom to teach me how to sew!!! Neither of us just ever seem to have the time.  I’m going to regret that one day……  When you finish organizing your library/sewing room, please some take care of mine – it’s awful!  You can’t even move through it!

  3. Glad you got that organized! I know you are happy. As for sewing, you do an awsome job! BTW Connor needs another jacket. He loves the one you made for him a couple of years ago. He wore it last winter but don’t think it’s gonna fit this winter! Hope all is well and the history project is going good. Give all HUGZ and KISSES for me. Miss ya much. MUAH….

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