I think we are going to hit some garage sales today. Aly needs some shorts and I of course am always on the look out for more good reads to add to our library. The girls love to go. C.C. usually winds up purchasing more stuffed animals to add the the growing family she has in her bedroom. Sometimes we have really good garage sale days and sometimes not. If the sales are the greatest we might hit good will. It’s like a treasure hunt for us. Anyone else feel the same way?

Later this afternoon Aly will go to a friend’s house to spend the night. They are going to go to a Dance Revolution event at the library tomorrow. She has already picked out her outfit. Does anyone remember the half gloves that Madonna used to wear in the 80s? Aly had some tights that she wasn’t wearing anymore so she took them and made several little gloves from them. I love her ability to take things and turn them into something new. I also love that she has her own style and isn’t worried about what others think. I was too much of a follower in school…I don’t want my kids to be that way.

C.c. is bummed that she isn’t old enough to go so we plan on playing a few games of Pirates Life and any other game she wants to play. She loves all kinds of games. If she asks you to sit and play be prepared to be sitting for a while. I think we are also going to tackle her room. She asked me to help her the other day and I said I would but it didn’t happen.

I hope to get the laundry completely caught up this weekend and this includes getting it folded AND put away. I’ll let you know how that goes. I am off to find some breakfast and mourn that someone took the last coke. Have a great weekend!!!!


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  1. Those gloves were the coolest!!!!  And I love to hit the garage sales, too!  Unfortunately George David is a little to young to be drug all over the place with me so I haven’t been able to go in a while…..  Hope you find lots of good buys!!!  Oh, and I hope the laundry thing goes well for ya.  I have the same goal for today.  Somehow the washing and drying isn’t so hard…. just the folding and putting away!  xoxo

  2. Hi, just stopping to say hello  I like your sight, has a uplifting feel to it!!  Saw you thru Tamera’s.  Ummm, ya about that laundery.  I just put away all my laundery for the first time in a month.  Otherwise I just pick something outta “THE PILE”  Does it really make that much sense to put it away?  Hmmmmm  I question it!!  lol!!  Any way  I love your beautiful Belly Pic. You must be due soon!!   are you and Tamera racing?  I am attedning her birth!!

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