Someone send me some duct tape fast!!! I desperately need some to put over my mouth so I don’t do anymore mental damage to my kids. I could just kick myself. We were all cooking in the kitchen and Aly was helping me with my black bean stuff and C.C. was trying to make a Wacky cake and Emi was being 2 and making a big mess.

Aly asked me about a measurement. It was 3/4tsp. I told her she would need to use the 1/4tsp 3x to get the amount she needed. So she holds up a measuring spoon which I quickly glance at and nod. She is about to put the second scoop in when I see that she has the teaspoon measuring spoon. So in my being overwhelmed with so much going on I said “If you can’t do the math and figure out the measurements then just get out of the kitchen.” <—-should be frowning.

Why did I say that?? She already has such an aversion to math because it doesn’t come easy and I go and open my big mouth and make the problem worse.

Today I do not get the coolest mommy award. I should get the “Doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut award.” I did apologize but it will still effect her. Ugh….

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  1. Ah, but it does not mean you were wrong. She does need to learn that. My daughter and I once made ginger cookies together. Mainly because her mom refused to cook with her anymore. =) She messed up the exact same measurment and got to clean ginger cookie eewww off of the oven. She was much better with those fractions after that. Think of this as the “burned hand teaches best” lesson of the day. So what was contained in today’s lesson for Aly? 1) Math is important. 2) Mistakes have consequences 3) A good example of how to apologize to someone you love.
    Jo, you are a very good Mom. I would not tolerate any one else saying that you are not. I will not tolerate it from you either. My neighbor is keeping the most beautiful 5 month old baby boy today. Great laugh. So happy. His Mom just walked away completely. Left him with his Dad. That’s a bad mom. Are you the perfect Mom? No, but that is not expected or required. I will have to tell you about my winning the bad dad of the year award sometime to make you feel better. =)
    Old Hat

  2. I think you are more then okay! I should be the winner of the crappy Mommy award. I yelled at all the kids, even the baby. I was in a foul mood today. We can both hope tomorrow is better!

  3. It happens…
    We have all made the “mad mouth” mistake.  It’s not okay and thank goddess you recognize this; so many parents don’t.  I could blog for a week about all of the stupid, harmful shit that has slipped between my teeth in angr and frustration.  My tongue is vicious.
    You love her and she knows this.  Take time today to ohh and ahh over all of the stuff she does well.  Gush just a bit on how “good” she writes or her awesome memory skills.  A little ‘soul sauve’ goes a long way…
    Blessed Be

  4. Kind of funny how you wrote about this. I was thinking this am about how I need to be more careful about the words I say to the children and the way I say things. Hey we all have our days. You are a GREAT mommy, and we all get overwhelmed sometimes. No worries for all the great things you say and do makes up for the one bad thing that may come out. I wish I could be as wonderful as you are when it comes to being patient and understanding. HELP!!!
    So today starts a new day for the both of us. I am going to be more patient and calm when I speak to the children, and you are going to get the coolest mommy award everyday! YOU ROCK JO… I LOVE YOU BUNCHES…. MUAH!!!

  5. (((hugs)))  I’m sure we have all been there.  The thing that makes you different from so many others is that you recognize it was a mistake, and you apologized for it.  You’re a great Mom  🙂

  6. I’ve so been there. Different circumstances, same overwhelmed-ness and said some nasty things. We’ve all said and done hurtful things and can only try to do better tomorrow. As my mom says-if 99% of your relationship with your kids is positive and happy, the kids can handle a rotten bit as well. I”m very hard on myself though so I know how it is to beat yourself up….

  7. You are an awesome mommy and don’t forget it.  We all make mistakes.  You can’t do anything about what’s already been done so just work on living in the present and making it as good as possible.  Geez, I sound like a self-help book.  When did we become adults and have to start worrying about this stuff?!?!  Oh, and I promise I haven’t forgotten your CD – I’ve just been super busy this last week with work and George David’s birthday and haven’t gotten a chance to get to the post office.  I’ll get it to you soon!!!! xoxoxo

  8. Yup, I have felt like that more times than I would like to say!! Ummm Like tonight when I told Riv that I cant stand being around her tonight!!”  I was being honest because she was being very mean and just down right awnry to me, she even hit at me, then lost a privlage.  She was waaaay overtired.  But I responded just like a 5 year old and forgot , Oh Im 27!!  I felt so bad, but your post made me forgive myself because it reminded me of how even mommys make mistakes.  We snuggled extra!!

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