Heard at our house recently

From the 2yo Emi when asked what she was doing at the computer

I’m checking my email!

Thanks everyone for the empathy on my previous post. We have had better days.


3 thoughts on “Heard at our house recently

  1. Dare I say that when our poodle runs to sniff the mailbox we say that she is off to check her pee-mail? I probab;y should not say that, huh?
    I am glad your days are not all the same and that some of them are good. May all of them find you blessed. They certainly all find you loved.
    Old Hat

  2. Wow!  How technologically advanced!  Among the top phrases of my two year old is “Got poo-poo!”.  He’s also recently discovered the word booty and what it means so he enjoys just saying it and pointing it out for absolutely no reason.  Must be a boy thing…..
    Glad you got the CD.  Hope you enjoy it.  Glad to have contributed a little ear candy!

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