Check out this site!!

Some of you may already know about this site. A friend just emailed me the link and I am hooked.

Library Thing

I’m on there as bookluvnmom.

Post and let me know if you are already there or if you join. I don’t have many books up as I am in the middle of packing them. When we land where ever we are going to land I will definitely be using this to catalog my books.

4 thoughts on “Check out this site!!

  1. Okay, friend. I remembered being tagged after seeing your comment on sisterdays site this morning. I will get to it soon! I loved the kiwi eating idea. I also like escaping to the half price book store.
    Praying all is well with you.
    Old Hat

  2. I love the library thing site. I am pretty crazed about books as well. Do you know that you can copy and paste html code from their site to show us the books you are reading, in a cool set-up right on your blog. I have it at my site (, and I love seeing what others are reading. I include my kids in my list as well. MAybe you already now all this and don’t want to add anything to your site. Understandable as well. Nice to find your blog. This was my first time here.

  3. You tagged me a few weeks ago and I just got around to it. Sorry took so long. I will have to check out the library thing. Sounds like fun. Thanks for stopping by.

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