I’m Back!!!!

I’m back!! I am so excited that I can now blog to my full potential due to a new computer!!! I am still unpacking boxes and trying to figure out how to organize things in this house. I am going to have to get creative in the bathrooms because there is no storage in either one. I think I may have to pull out the sewing machine to make some organizers to hang on the door.

We are a two car family for the first time in 2years. The new job did not come with a company car so we had to pray to find one within our budget. It all came through and now I have my van back!! Three weeks with no way to go has been hard on all of us.

This is short because I have some things I need to catch up on. Thank you all for the prayers and positive thoughts. We are still working through tight finances but things are looking better everyday. I will leave you with a great picture of the girls and a new avi of me. I plan to check in on you guys tomorrow night.


Head North Young Woman

Tomorrow is the day!! I am so excited to let everyone know that we have a house. Jorry was able to secure a rental on his trip. We have the key and the garage door opener. God is so good. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. I’m not sure when I will get to post again. I will be unpacking boxes for the next couple of weeks.

Happy 4th of July!!

Countdown ‘Til Thursday

I actually have a few minutes to blog!! In the midst of the chaos of packing at that. Jorry and I went up to the Indy area this past weekend to look for a house to rent. We didn’t find anything and were feeling really low Sat. night. It didn’t help that earlier that afternoon our cell phone dropped (unknown to me) into a trash bag that had melted frosty in the bottom of it. I found it only when we needed to use the phone to call a number for a rental. Just a note for all of you who have been wondering Icecream WILL kill your cell phone.

We headed home Sunday with plans for Jorry to head back up today. He is there now and has seen one home and will look at another tomorrow. He told me tonight that he really wants the one he is going to look at tomorrow. The neighborhood is great, it is in a smaller town and the house is only 5years old. All prayers and good thoughts are appreciated. He will be viewing it tomorrow at 3:30pm EST.

With Jorry in Indiana this left me at home to try to pack with the four girls. Ace was easy, just plop her into the back pack carrier and she will ride there until you are ready to put her down. Emi on the other hand is 2.5. The closer to three we get the more I realize that all the advice for a routine to her day is going to be a life saver. If she asked to nurse once today she asked a thousand times. It was one of those days where I asked myself why I was still nursing her??!! Then you have C.C. who doesn’t want to be angry but still winds up there. And last but not least Aly who just turned 12 and is having a super hard time with this move. I think that she believes that if she just doesn’t help me that we won’t get things done and then we won’t be able to move. Early afternoon around here was rough. No one was happy until daddy called and then poof! I had a clean living room and calm cooperative older children. I think it helped that they were also invited to go stay with a friend one last time before we leave this week. Whatever the motivation I was glad for the reprieve and the help.

So what did I get done today you ask. I know you want to know, you are on the edge of your seat. LOL

1. Stove top completely cleaned

2. Oven clean

3. Drawers in the fridge emptied and cleaned

4. Outside of fridge clean

5. All paperwork on desk sorted and put away

6. All upper kitchen cabinets contents packed

7. All upper kitchen cabinets wiped out

8. All laundry washed and dried except the load that is in right now

9. Packed all shoes in the hall closet and vacuumed said closet


10. Stacked and put like things together to put them in the boxes when they arrive tomorrow

Ok I feel better about my day after reading that. I accomplished more than I thought I did. The bigs have their rooms ready to go except for a few items waiting on the afore mentioned boxes. Those were the rooms that I was worried about the most because they aren’t very well kept. The biggest jobs left right now are the garage and our bedroom.

Thankfully my brother and his girlfriend are coming to help us load up the truck and if all goes well they will follow us up to help us unload. I love my brother!! They will be here tomorrow. I can’t wait to see him and to meet his girlfriend.

Ok that is the update on us. I will try to post tomorrow after I hear from Jorry.