Playing is learning

   An Official Unschooling Post


The bigs have been spending a lot of time playing with their dolls lately. So much so that there are days when I see them only for brief periods of time when they come out of their rooms to grab that life sustaining stuff called food.

I can hear them through the door, muffled detailed conversations. Every once in a while they come out and share with me what they are pretending. I will have to say that I am totally impressed.

It’s too much to type in great detail so I will do what I like to do the most when it comes to information. I shall make a list.

1. Each doll has a family and Aly has written out the geneology of each doll.

2. Two of the dolls have parents that are archaeologists(based on an American girl books series). So they have been to many places around the world.

3. Their first trip was to India where they spent time in the market place and each doll had a traditional Indian outfit made my the bigs.



4.The next trip was to Hawaii. On this trip the dolls recieved new swim suits also made by the bigs.


5. Now the dolls have traveled to London. I know this because I was asked to print out the London fact sheet from and because there was a set ofa London street built in my livingroom this afternoon.

6. So let’s put some educationalese to all of this “play” time.

geography(trips to London, India,Hawaii)

anthropolgy–culturally correct outfits created for India

communication skills and typing—the girls have the dolls email one another

geneology—each doll has a family tree

research skills—information about each place visited was gained before or as they played.

photography—all doll pictures taken by Aly

set production—all sets in pictures and not shown created by Aly and C.C.

social skills—-they played together well for HOURS!!!

home economics–I forgot to mention that the dolls had breakfast cooked for them almost every morning these past few days.


There is probably more but at this hour my brain can no longer list anything else. I just wanted to post to show what unschooling can look like. It doesn’t always look like this here and sometimes it doesn’t look like there is any learning going on at all but that is only because I am looking for it instead of just living in the everyday. Learning happens in the everyday.








8 thoughts on “Playing is learning

  1. Does that put you out around Greenfield-ish area?  That’s not very far from me!
    As for the hot weather?  Nah, this isn’t all that uncommon for Aug….. usually anyway.  The last couple of years it hasn’t been quite so hot.
    Welcome to the area!  ~Lori

  2. Love the dolls!!! Your girls have always been so creative. BTW, I am reading the book Romancing your Childs Heart! I must say it has changed me drasticaly. I watched Connor stand at the edge of the house and let the rain drip on his head!!! He loved it. Before I would have said “Connor, you are making a mess, or get out of the rain” but it was fun and intresting to him!!! How fun it is to relax and let them experince all the things God has made and let them get their own learnings from it!!! Hope the house is comming along well. Can’t wait till I can come visit. I need some love from the girls. HUGZ…..

  3. RYC:  Nope, sorry…. I have plenty of laundry on my own.   My big girls haven’t graced me w/ theirs yet, but everything I wanted to have done today is.
    As for co-ops/groups…. nah.  We’ve never done that.  In the first place, I always had babies to deal w/ & when we seriously considered finding one, we began leaning more towards unschooling & honestly, I just decided it wasn’t worth it.  If I found the right one… maybe… but my kids’ ages are so spread out I think it’d be really hard to find something to fit everyone.  I’m not much of a people person (unless I know them already) & hate new situations.  The boys played football for a homeschool team last year, so they had a bunch of friends there, & one of my girls is in gymnastics & thus has a bunch of friends there. 
    Hope your unpacking is going well….  Take care! 

  4. That is awesome!!!Don’t you love unschoolers!!!!

    RYC: My co-op is the ONLY one on my side of the state that is like this,I feel so lucky we are a part of it!!! I would suggest you consider starting one yourself,with the kinds of things your kids like and see if there is interest! Our group started about 10 years ago with only a few families,now we have about 100 kids taking classes and a least 3 classes offered each time period so we have really grown.

  5. wonderful! reminds me of the old days when my dd played with stuffed animals- she also had a family with geneologies and character bios and oh so many lovely adventures! she rarely does this character play anymore, but writes instead- for hours, day after day, and she is really good at it! I will always cherish that time in her life when I saw her becoming thru her play….

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