A Weekend at the Creek



Trying to catch some Crayfish

Crawfish if you are from the south








My feeble attempts at nature photography


I love being outdoors with my family. It was great to feel the mud squish between my toes. One is never to old to have mud squish between your toes.



5 thoughts on “

  1. We call them crawdads here in Texas! I love the photos. You did a great job. You just needed a photo of your mud squishing toes in there too! Your girls are really growing up. Those smiles tell me they enjoy the creek as much as you do. You are doing such a wonderfl job with them, friend. I am so very proud of you. Keep it up. It is all worth it.
    Old Hat

  2. I’ve always heard them called crawdads too.  That rain on Monday was awesome!  Would’ve been even better if I didn’t have to be out in it… w/out an umbrella.  Hope your dh & oldest enjoy the game this weekend!  Take care!  ~Lori

  3. ryc well, if he sees a man in a cowboy hat… lol I will not actually be at that game so it won’t be me. I bet the Colts win big though. Should be lots of fun for them both. I am always so pleased to see your smiling face (or your painted tummy!) in my comments. You bring me great joy.
    Old Hat

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