I’m currently reading The Teenage Liberation Handbook how to quit school and get a real life and education by Grace Llewellyn. I want a copy of this book and I haven’t even gotten halfway through it. I keep asking myself why it has taken me so long to read it. It is just one of those books that lights a fire for real life learning. I hope my 12yo will want to read it when I am finished with it.

She and I had a good discussion this afternoon about school ,learning and her abilities.  She has been stuck in a rut of beating herself up because she hasn’t memorized something that a lot of kids her age have.. I have tried to explain that just because an institution says that kids should know how to do X by age Y doesn’t mean that that is the best age. We have her at home because we don’t believe in that institution and the rules it has in place. Everyone learns differently and  at different stages in life. We have her at home so she can read about wildflowers all day if she wants to, or draw all day ,or take pictures and edit them on the computer. 

I want my girls to live everyday alive in the curiosity that God gave them. I want them to awake every morning and say “I am brilliant because I exist!”

Everyday is a gift my sweet girls so live them out loud!!! 










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  1. What a wonderful post! Your girls are blessed more than you know. I can’t go back and change choices I made, although I did what I felt was good and right then… I see things different now… I wouldn’t change a whole lot but I would live a little less uptight. I would have enmbraced my choices to free us from society. You are on the right path!Tomorrows blog is about this issue a little .
    HUGS!!! Beautiful littles!!!

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