Unschooling Rocks

Pause The Music On My Page Before You Read


In response to the question…

“What can she possibly accomplish if she doesn’t get up until 12:30pm?”

Unschooling Rocks!





9 thoughts on “Unschooling Rocks

  1. Those are so wonderful!!  I did one of those of one of my daughter’s births.  It’s a lot of hard work!  She did an amazing job.  What a special keepsake to have for forever!

  2. Ok… You have my heart!! ALY, you always have. You are so talented and special, so smart and beautiful. I LOVED those slides. (Im crying) You have such talent with the camera. Keep taking pictures because that is the way we learn through memories and seeing what comes of those pictures after we take them. I am taking pictures now too. I love it and I can’t stop. I hope to see more of your beautiful work and talent. LOVES MUAH!!!!
    Jo, you are awsome and you have the best girls in the world. They are so intelligent and beautiful. Keep on doing what you and your hubby are doing cause its great. LOVES, MUAH!!!

    Love you all,
    Aunt Jill

  3. I have four children myself. Most of mine are not as smart as yours though. (that means they are boys) You will always have lots of work. I can assure you of that. There will always be love too.
    I do have a front porch and I would love to sit out there and sip coffee, but it is not to be anytime soon. Labor day for me always means laboring. =) Hug those girls for me and let their hugs in return be my proxy hugs to you. You are a wonderful MOmmy and friend.
    Old Hat
    PS: I will come back to the videos soon. I cannot wait to the see them. =)

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