We start co-op Thursday and I am not excited.


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  1. I am wondering what co-op is. I could start guessing. I guess. You and the girls have been growing veggies at such a prodigious rate that you have been forced to open a farmer’s co-op to deal with the surplus crops? You have discovered a need for cheaper feed supplies for the local farmers and ranchers and you chaired a committee within the county and the doors to the humongous barn like structure filled to bursting with 50 pound feed sacks open on Thursday and you are nervous about driving the fork lift in front of others despite all of your practicing? You recieved a grant from the Rural Electrification Administration and you have had the girls climbing poles and stringing wires like crazy but you are worried that when you throw the switch on Thursday you will be facing immediate rolling black outs?
    I give up. Sounds complicated to me. I am praying that whatever it is will be pleasantly surprising to you.
    Old hat

  2. well I hope you turn out to be pleasantly surprized hun!
    RYN : glad to hear you got the box ok I was happy to do it! Hehehehe I knew someone would claim that cute lil scarf!!!!

  3. Happy Friday, JoAnn. Tell Aly I appreciate her question about how many horses there are at the ranch. There are usually 12 or 13 mama horses and their babies depending on the time of the year. Sometimes there are a few others but the numbers change quite a bit as horses come and go. You can see some of their photos at the following 2 links. Happy Friday friend.
    Old Hat

  4. Just FYI…. It’s Monument Circle… not square!    If I’d thought about you not knowing, I might’ve said something.  I knew *I* didn’t want to try to find parking downtown & keep an eye on all my kids in the midst of what….60,000 people?  Although… looking back on it, I kinda wish we’d gone anyway.  My hubby & youngest son were there, as was my oldest daughter & my nephew.  Oh, well…..  I thought it was just as much fun to watch it on TV… could see much better & I didn’t have to worry about losing a kidlet!
    We did go downtown in Feb. for the Super Bowl Champion Rally…..  That was awesome!  We had great seats in the Dome – first come, first serve & we were there around 3:00.  Maybe the next time they have an awesome something or other going on, we’ll brave the crowds!
    So how do you like living up here?  Honestly, I can’t imagine living any where else!  Have a great weekend!  ~Lori

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