Ok so for those of you who have asked our co-op is a homeschool co-op. I’m sorry I didn’t mention it in my previous post. This is the first time we have ever done a structured co-op and it goes against all of my unschooling vibes except  that it is something my girls WANT to do. So we are there and I am in the nursery for two hours straight. I have to give two hours of time in order for my girls to participate. I don’t mind this at all except I really feel like the odd mom out.

I did have a hard time in the nursery for a few reasons. I can’t stand to see a child cry for their mom for a long period of time. For me long is longer than 5min. Now I did let my oldest cry it out and I feel terrible for it so I am not passing judgement on any mama in the group. I know better now so I do better. I am just saying that I really wish I could go get their moms but none of them want us to. The other problem is that the room is not geared for babies-3yos. It is most definitely for older kids. The co-op is held in a church so I know there is a nursery that would better suit the littles but I don’t know if there is a reason we aren’t already using it?  Then there is the fact that the preschool-K kids are in the nursery until their classes start at 12:30pm and then they are back after their classes end at 2:30pm. With all of those kids in the room with the littles accidents are bound to happen. I want to email the co-op leader but I am not sure how to word the letter without sounding like I think they are doing a bad job. I will gladly accept any ideas in that deparment.

Then there is just the plain fact that I am a rebel and well I don’t like the structure. I don’t see what is exciting about setting all this up when I am pretty sure the kids who are attending didn’t have any say in what classes were available this year. Or maybe they did. I am coming in on the tail end of this so I may be speaking out of turn.

So every Thursday I will be in the nursery trying my best not to stick my foot in my mouth.

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  1. Thanks for the enlightenment!  And honey, my foot stays in my mouth most of the time.  I’d buy flavored socks if they had them!  If I wore them – I’m really a barefoot kind of gal….

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