Emi(2yo) is sick. It came on suddenly early Sat. morning. She threw up about 4x and then slept for about 4hours without incedent. She woke up and seemed her normal chipper self. She didn’t eat much but that was to be expected. We figured it was something she ate. I took her with me to Walmart where she promptly and without warning threw up on the floor. So I found someone to let them know the floor needed to be cleaned and then scooped her up and carried her in my arms and Ace in the backpack carrier out to the van.

When we got home she nursed and seemed to be doing better until she got sick again. I dosed her with a homeopathic and we had a reprieve and she went down for the night. 

At about 11:30pm she woke up with a raging fever. It didn’t break any until about 2am. I know fevers are not a bad thing but gosh she was hot! So today has been some more tummy stuff and a fever all day. It rises and falls. She isn’t dehydrated because she has kept all fluids down since about 10:30am and it is 4:13pm now. I just dosed her with some belladona for the fever and I am hoping she will go to sleep so her body can heal some more.

I appreciate all prayers and healing thoughts. I would also ask that the other children and adults in the house would miss having this.

Monday Update

Aly and Ace(baby) have been throwing up since 4am. They are worse than Emi was. I’m worried about Ace because she doesn’t seem to be able to keep any breastmilk down.

Lots of laundry and one cream colored carpet to clean. 

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