I have a google side bar on my computer. I was fooling around with it the other night and discovered that you can add little features to it. I LOVE quotes and so I found a few different ones to add. On that I found is Points to Ponder. Nothing heavy with these things, mostly silly. So far they have had two that I really thought were ones that made you go hmmmm in a fun way.

If love is blind why is lingerie to popular?


Before they invented drawing boards what did they go back to?

Our Family Sickness Update

  • Both littles and Aly are all well!! Woo hooo
  • C.C. is sick but she wasn’t as sick as the other three.
  • Jorry has a touch of the bug.
  • Laundry is coming along.
  • The day has been beautiful and the littles and I took Linus for a walk this afternoon.

Thanks again for the prayers and healing thoughts!!


2 thoughts on “

  1. Praise God! I am so glad to hear that you guys are doing better. But seriously, are you ever really caught up on laundry with so many little ones? LOL!!! Just kidding. There are days I think, “WOW! I have one load left and I’m finish.” Then shortly after I realize that it is just starting all over again. HEHEHEH!!! Have a blessed day!

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