My dad has bone cancer and I feel









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  1. You poor thing! {{{hugs}}} and prayers
    (Just FYI, 3 years ago I found out in the same week that my step-dad, father-in-law and husband have cancer. I know how earth-shattering it can be.)

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    Dear JoAnn, I am praying for you and for your Dad.
    It is at times like this when I say to myself “James Harold, you either believe it, or you don’t.” You either believe that God is alive or you don;t. You either believe God keeps his promises or you don’t. You either believe that God works all things to the good for those who love him and are called or you don’t. You either believe that you can handle all things in His power or you don’t. You either believe that He is listening or you don’t. You either know that He loves you or you don’t.
    It is all true, sweetheart. I have shed a million tears on the road you find yourself on. It is all true. God is God. He keeps His promises. 
    You know where your strength is. You know the source of your peace. You know He keeps His promises. I just wanted to remind you.
    I love you. My heart aches for you. From my heart and on my knees I am praying for you this day.
    James Harold 
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  3. I am so sorry.
    My own Dad had lymphomia last year so I know what you and your family will be going through. Sometimes it seems unreal,like this can’t be YOUR Dad. After a while you will accept he has it,and you will do what he needs you to do and you will visit him in the hospital and you will come home and cry because you can’t stand to see your Dad that way,but you WILL do it. You WILL get through it,and so will your Dad. I am here to talk to anytime(even if its just to vent). I would also suggest calling a cancer support group for your family(if your family needs to talk),they have survivors who will call the patient and things like that.
    I will be sending you all healing thoughts,you are NOT alone…

  4. I am sooooooooooooooooo sorry. I totally understand and if you check back on my blog just 3 months ago I have almost the same post. My father has cancer in the liver and colon.
    There is hope and if you need to chat please let me know. I have learned more about cancer in the last two months then I have ever wanted to know…
    Blessing to you and your family.

  5. What a blow!  I can’t imagine what all you must be feeling and going thru right now.  Did you just find this out? I’m thankful to see how many people you have  here on your xanga site supporting you and praying for you and uplifting you.  James Harold said it well, in all things we must try to gain the perspective of God, not easy but something to strive for.  I pray you, your family and you dad will be touched by the hand of God as you go through this.  God can deliver you from the fire but sometimes he delivers us through the fire.

  6. i am so sorry mama, it all seems so unfair sometimes, doesn’t it?  I know how hard it can be; me Dad is on his third time out of remission for bladder cancer and it is all so unreal.
    take the love that surrounds you and let it help hold you up.  ((hugs))

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