Chemo has been postponed. My dad is going to Texas for a second opinion.

This week was busy and tonight we have two extra girls over for a sleep over.

We tried out some recipes from but they weren’t good. Butter Beer sounds good in the movies, in real life it is ummm different and treacle fudge…well let’s just say I’m not a fan.

So, we just made some brownies and now they are eating popcorn and watching The Sorcerer’s Stone.



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  1. Sounds like fun! Experimenting is always a learning experience. I remember when my Mom made homemade onion rings. The batter recipe called for beer. We gave her such a hard time for having beer (you should have seen her trying to buy it). So, she said, “Ok the, so you guys aren’t curious when you get older, try a sip.” That was the nastiest tasting stuff. I have not ever drank beer since. YUK!!! LOL!!! Of course, sometimes the experiments can lead to great discoveries. Just tell your children scientists, you have a theory this will work and it will either be proven wrong or right. HEHEHEHE!!! Don’t you love ongoing teaching? Well, I hope the rest of the evening is very successful. I myself will go to bed as soon as my soon to be 2 year old stops getting up. LOL!!! I think I have gotten up 5 times since I started typing this. HEHEHE!! What will I do with her? Have a great evening.

  2. Thanks for stopping by.  I had come to your site thru Caleb.  He is quite the individual.
    Your day sounds great too,  I used to spend hours in the library daydreaming and exploring the wonders found upon the shelves.  Now that I’m 46 I sometimes let go of that wonderment that used to fill me with dreams and I forget how enraptured with life I used to be.  Yes an old bookstore would invigorate the soul!  Birthdays aren’t about getting things, like it was when I was ten, it is about sharing and celebrating and living life.
    I am sorry to hear about your father.  I hope his 2nd opinion consult goes well.

  3. Hey-at least you tried it! Very cool. I’m so sorry your dad has bone cancer. I’m thinking of him (and you!) and sending healing thoughts through the miles……((HUGS)) mama. Stay strong and be gentle with yourself.

  4. Hi! I’m sending you a private message later tonight… when the house sleeps. 😉
    Does your father have osteosarcoma? I am praying for him, you and the rest of your family. Keep your eyes on the things above… remember that. Having been through the road of childhood cancer (PNET brain tumor) it is so very hard and draining. The only thing that kept our family upright at all was keeping our eyes on the things above because it’s a promise that can never be broken, the one sure thing we have in this life. {{{Hugs}}}

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