In this moment there was genuine happiness,

a joy that comes through in each smile.


DSC03004 DSC03004 - Copy DSC02999

DSC03004 - Copy (2)

This is how I want them to remember life.

Happiness bubbling over and spilling into their everyday!

Thank you ocean momma


12 thoughts on “

  1. Great pics!  Now if I ever run into you, I might recognize you! 
    RYC:  That acrobat was Joseph Addai.  Awesome game, wasn’t it?  Yeah, the atmosphere around here gets pretty…. bad… if/when they lose.  I remember watching them at 3 – 13 & it was horrid.  People started saying “COLTS” stood for “Count On Losing This Sunday.”  Not since a couple years after we got Peyton though!
    We had a couple of Darci’s friends over for the weekend & neither of them are big football fans.  They were out on the front porch when we scored a TD & of course, all of us shouted.  They came back in laughing, saying they could hear us all the way out there!    Have a great day!  ~Lori

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