A fun and busy weekend

Friday was a trip to the Indiana History Train

9-29-07 101

We got to learn about Indiana and the contribution the citizens of the state made to the Civil War.

Saturday was a free day at the Indiana State Museum on behald of the Smithsonian. C.C.,Ace and I went while Dad stayed home with Emi and Aly went to a slumber party.

A few of my favorite pictures from the museum:

 9-29-07 181

9-29-07 183  

9-29-07 184  

9-29-07 186  

The giraffe in the picture is our flat traveler guest. Her name is Bridget and she is from Iowa.

9-29-07 171  

I wanted to touch the statues in this display. They looked like they were sculpted from clay.

9-29-07 189

9-29-07 188


And these are charcoal on handmade paper.

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  1. Interesting thing about Civil War History and the “Northern States”. On a side note, I have been told that today there are more people in the Klan in Indiana than Mississippi

  2. I continue to pray for your Dad and for all of you. I know how hard this is on all of you. Let me know if I can help from here in Texas. Tell your Dad, assuming he likes seafood, to try Willy G’s restaraunt and order the “Oyster Bar Trash” appetizer. I know. I know. It sound horrible, but trust me, it’s wonderful. You and the girls would love Moody Gardens which is down there, too. And NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Wow.
    I am praying, JoAnn.
    Old Hat

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