Just a quick entry to check in and let everyone know that I am doing o.k.
We are still out of state. Jorry will be going home tomorrow and the girls and I will stay for another week to be with my sister and brother.

His funeral was yesterday and it was the hardest thing we have ever gone through. I will share that story in the future. It is still too fresh.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. I felt them all.

We leave tomorrow. Prayers and positive thoughts are appreciated. My brother is going to meet us at some point to break up the trip a bit. The bigs will ride with him and his wonderful girlfriend will ride with me and the littles. We like his girlfriend so much that if they don’t get married I think we are going to adopt her.

My dad had a bad episode today. He couldn’t breath and hospice had to be called. My brother said he was crying out to God to help him breath and my heart just ached at the thought of my dad suffering so. I’m not ready to see him. I am completely and totally scared to see him. If I think about it too much I start to cry. And on top of all this our neighbor just lost her sister to cancer and a mom on a message board I frequent just lost her grandmother to cancer.





I will still have computer access while I am gone I just don’t know how often I will get to post. Please know that I will try to read and comment as much as I can. It really helps me to keep up with all of you and to comment when I can. It is theraputic.



Arrghhh!!! I had a really long post to publish and my computer froze when I tried to upload a video. Now it’s gone and I don’t have the desire to type it out again.

So the short version is my dad made it home safely. We are getting most of the supplies for his wheelchair ramp donated. The girls and I are still without a place to stay long term. Continued prayers for that appreciated. And last but not least I have wonderful kids!

My dad is heading home tomorrow!!! He is finally strong enough to make the 7hour ambulance ride home.

It also looks like there is a church that has a camper that the girls and I can borrow while we are there. Oh and someone paid for the cost of the ambulance ride home! PTL!!


My dad



He served his country for 26years. He joined the Navy as a seaman 3rd class and when he retired he was a Lieutenant. Yes, I’m proud. So proud that I asked him to wear his dress whites to my high school graduation and he did.

He has rescued me more times than I can remember.

He has loved me fiercely for 32 almost 33years.

I love to drive around with my dad and just talk.

He makes the best red beans and rice and has always made a pot for me every time I come home.

I still remember where I was and when it was that he told me he was proud of me. He isn’t a words of affirmation guy but his actions say “I love you” loud and clear.

I love my dad