So many things to choose from I just can’t decide!!

Tomorrow is the monthly attachment parenting meeting and an afternoon field trip. Both are great but, today I found out that the Museum of Art is free and they have 125 acres to explore outside and great galleries inside. So now I want to go there because both of the bigs are totally interested in visiting. Then there is the Ren Festival this weekend. We can’t miss that because it’s a Ren Festival. Oh and ice skating is free this weekend as well. Right now ANYTHING that is free is great for this family because funds are so tight. How do I do it all?? I have the same feeling right now that I sometimes get when I am in the library surrounded by thousands of books and I get overwhelmed with the fact that I will not live long enough to take in all of them.

Yes I know I have issues.



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  1. I’m not positive, but I *think* the IMA is free every Thursday.  Might check the website….  One of these days, we should meet up somewhere…. I could add to your choices tomorrow & tell you the homeschool football teams the boys played for last year are having homecoming! 
    RYC:  No, I didn’t….
    Have a great weekend!  ~Lori

  2. We all have issues 🙂  How awesome to have so many choices!  One of my favorite sayings by an author I like is “Rocky Road baby, Rocky Road”(referring to his favorite ice cream)  meaning, you only live once ENJOY IT.  Whether it be your favorite ice cream, books, outings, ice skating, etc.  Live life to the fullest!  Sounds like this weekend will be one of those enjoying life to the fullest moments for your family, WHAT FUN!  i’ve been meaning to read up alittle on attachment parenting since i saw that as one of your interests.  I’m interested to know more.  Have a great weekend! 

  3. Ren Faire?  Always the Ren Faire!
    This morning, I asked myself how would it ever be possible for me to a) knit and b)read everything in this lifetime I want to read/knit and not c) end up weighing 300 lbs?

  4. Great to see a pic of you! ITU about all the books! In fact, your reminder of that scared me a little. 😮 ;)I just found the link to your blog on GCM, so I had to come check it out. :DMaggie

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