Sorry for not posting sooner. We wound up going to our attachment parenting meeting which was really nice. Then we drove over to the college for our Ecolab field trip. It-was-HOT and shade was minimal. I wasn’t sure we were going to make it through the whole two hours. We did though and have found a new place to go walk when the weather decides to actually become cool. I wound up being sick Sat. so we didn’t go anywhere. I had two plugged milk ducts and ran a fever. That hasn’t happened in quite a while but I know it was because of our long day on Friday and the infrequent nursing of both the littles. That means we didn’t go ice skating and then on Sunday it was 91degrees and I just couldn’t bring myself to take the kids out in the heat and humidity to the Ren Fest so we missed that too.

On the upside my mom is here visiting so we will be going to the Museum of Art today! CC the 8yo is really excited because she has developed in interest in art and has asked specifically to go to gallaries etc. So I will leave you with a few nature pics from our field trip Friday.








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  1. Hey! I hate that you were feeling bad. Plugged ducts are never fun. I’m glad yall still had a good time. Tell your Mom hello from the clan. Hope you guys enjoy your visit. Take care! Talk to you soon. Glad to have you back. LOL!!!

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