The Art Museum Wednesday and the Children’s Museum today.

My feet are tired and my legs ache but my heart is full and I have a new desire to pursue my interest in archaeology.


I was drawn to the colors and the geometric shapes in these pieces.



The fountain outside the Art Museum


My mom and the girls


For just a moment I want to brag about our Children’s Museum. It is wonderful and the people who work there are fantastic. In the Dinosphere exhibit they have a paleontology lab. The paleontologists were there working today and available for questions. It was so cool to talk with people who love what they do and enjoy sharing their knowledge.

DSC03795 DSC03799 DSC03800


This next picture is the bottom of a 5story blown glass sculpture. After viewing this the girls decided to make their own piece of art.


DSC03816 DSC03818


Tomorrow we are staying home to make chipotle blackbean and pumpkin soup and to rest our feet. Saturday brings a visit to the zoo and maybe Sunday mom and I will browse some antique stores here in town.

I hope your week is going well!!



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  1. I can’t believe it…. We haven’t been to the Children’s Museum since they got the glass sculpture in.  I totally forgot about it!  We love the Dinosphere, though!  (Well, except Taryn – she thinks it’s scary.  Maybe since she’s older now, it wouldn’t be as scary.)  Sounds like you’re doing a great job of finding all the neat things our wonderful city has!
    RYC:  Thanks! 
    Happy weekend!  ~Lori

  2. Wow! How blessed you are! We may need to come visit you guys. There is not anything like that around here. Loved the pictures. You take great photos. Well, gotta run. Haven’t been feeling too well…probably caught it from you (HEHEHEHEH! Just kidding!). Alanna was up most of the night running 103 fever. So, she and I are two peas in a pod today. LOL!!! I have a project to finish, otherwise I would be in bed right now. Other than that, we’re doing great! Have a great weekend! Tell your Mom it was great “seeing her.” LOL!!!

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