What we are dealing with seems very odd, almost like it isn’t really happening.

The girls and I will probably be down south by the beginning of next week. I am praying that someone who has a motor home would be willing to let us borrow it while we are there. The girls and I will need our own space and no one in our family has that available in their home.

I’m not sure how long we will be there.

My heart aches beyond belief and all I keep thinking is

He is only 57, we shouldn’t be dealing with this now.


All  your prayers and thoughts mean a lot to me. Keep them coming. Prayers for safe travel. Prayers for the girls because we will be telling them today. Prayers for my dad because I can’t begin to fathom all that he is dealing with.


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  1. You are right, he is so young.
    Prayers, prayers, prayers for all of you.
    And how precious of you to take the time to leave a comment on my blog.

  2. Wow!  I do pray for strength for your whole family right now, strength, comfort, peace and direction.  I live down south and so I wonder where down south and if I could be of any help in finding ya’ll a place to stay.  You can e-mail me privately if you don’t want to put that info on the http://www.  Or I’ll try to email you from your xanga site so that I don’t have to put my email address on here. 
    P.S.  Love the new profile pic!

  3. you can also check us out or email me from http://www.mmerge.org The site is not completely finished or on any search engines yet but it might give you some more insight into who we are and what we do 🙂  The other e-mail add. I sent you was my personal acct.

  4. I have felt you saddness! I lost my mother to lung cancer she was 53! My father was a disabled vetran of the vietnam war (Navy Seabees), he commited suicide a year after my mother’s death — So in my mind cancer ripped my children’s grandparents from their lives – it is a cruel disease!
    My prayers and thoughts are with you and your children as you travel through this journey of sadness – enjoy your time with your father, take lots of pictures and hold on because this is gonna hurt like hell! I remember when we got the diagnosis  for my mother, it brought me to my knees in pain.
    Blessings to  you and yours.

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