Arrghhh!!! I had a really long post to publish and my computer froze when I tried to upload a video. Now it’s gone and I don’t have the desire to type it out again.

So the short version is my dad made it home safely. We are getting most of the supplies for his wheelchair ramp donated. The girls and I are still without a place to stay long term. Continued prayers for that appreciated. And last but not least I have wonderful kids!


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  1. Ugh… I hate when that happens!  John was working on the gym website last night, had to input a ton of info, & it froze up.  I’m not sure if he was ever able to save it or not.
    Glad your dad made it home okay.  Will your hubby not be able to go w/ you?  Did the camper deal fall thru?  You’re leaving Sunday, right?  (((HUGS)))  ~Lori

  2. That is so annoying!RYC: I don’t have anyone to actually do the belly painting, so I guess I won’t. My husband may paint a pumpkin on my belly for halloween. I do have a belly cast on order, but, it had better get here soon!

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