A Birthday Catch up Blog

I’m catching up on our birthdays that came and went in November.

First SiSi turned 9!  Thanks to her Aunt Jill she had an awesome cake and had a great party at the park with her cousins from down south. She was my early birthday present 9 years ago.


Then just 3days later Ace and I shared a birthday. She was born at home on my birthday, the best present I ever received. This year has truly flown by too fast. I am grateful for all of my children but I don’t think anyone in my family would disagree when I say that Ace has been the bright spot in a dark year.

DSC04373 DSC04374 DSC04377 DSC04378


A Great Day

 We had a great day today. I unearthed the top of our dresser and the top of the diaper changer.

Took Aly to the dollar store to get candy for the graham cracker house she wanted to make.

Laundry was done through out the day.

My awesome, totally hot husband cleaned out the refrigerator AND did all of the dishes.

I got some knitting done.

The bigs had a great time making their graham cracker houses.

The littles were happy as usual.

We had a great family dinner.

And the best part was no one fought all day long!

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As homemade, handmade and regifted as possible

That is what I am trying to do for Christmas this year. In some cases it won’t be possible, in others it will work just fine. So far this is what I have running around my head.

1. The bigs have dress up cloaks that they don’t use anymore so we are going to tighten up the buttons and they will give one to Emi for her birthday (early Dec) and one for Christmas.

2. I am making the apron here for Emi for her birthday. I have to put it together today. If it turns out ok, which I think it will, then I plan on making one for C.C. because she loves to cook. I will post pictures when I am done.

3. My inlaws want a gift basket of farm fresh items so we are going to put together one with cheese from our farmer, fresh eggs, raw honey, cider, venison jerky and summer sausage and a few other items. Of course for their lab Abby we will have a large bag of homemade dog treats…if I can find the recipe.

4. I am knitting a fun pink scarf for my niece. If I have time I am making a fleece pullover for my nephew. Other wise his gift will be store bought.

5. C.C. is making a homemade hot cocoa mix for our neighbors.

6. Cookies of course will abound around the neighborhood because we like to bake but don’t need to eat all of them.

7. New ornaments will be made for grandparents and I am making a small album for each of the grandmothers and great grandmothers. It will be titled  “A Year in Pictures”.

I wanted to knit some other things but with the unexpected trip to Mississippi it may not happen. Now I need to wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving. We will be out of town on Thursday. And since I have so much to do in regards to this list my posts may slow down.


Be Blessed for You are All a Blessing to Me

I woke up mad this morning and the feeling permeated my day. I had been dreaming about my dad. It’s the second time this has happened. I have had to apologize to my children for being easily aggravated, yelling, and being just an overall grump. I’m glad I blogged yesterday’s happenings so I can go back and see that I am having good days. <sigh>

 I’m blogging today about yesterday. I need to record it so I won’t forget.The littles were up first as usual. I started some laundry because I am seriously behind in that department. CC woke next and was in a good mood. She got dressed and was taking time to clean her room when I asked if she was interested in doing some of her math. She is my math oriented child. She knows she has the choice to say no if she doesn’t but she answered yes. So the littles and I spent an hour in her room while she worked at her desk. She completed all but one page of her work book.

While we were working with CC the phone rang and it was a friend of Aly’s. So she spent that time on the phone. When math was done I decided to take the girls out for lunch because we had nothing here in the way of groceries and it was a beautiful day. So we grabbed some not really healthy but tastes really good drive through and headed to the park. Aly was reluctant to go but I was the mean mom and made her come. In the end I know she was glad she came.

We ate lunch and the kids played some. Then we ventured around following the creek that runs through the park and found a great spot full of climbing rocks that took you down to the water’s edge. We talked about how this would be a cool place for pictures and decided to load up, go home and grab the camera.

When we got back we took some great shots and the kids spent another hour just climbing, exploring and then playing at the playground again. I ran into two other people wearing their babies. One was a mom of three and the other was a grandma! In the pictures below she took the one of all of us on the rock.

We got home and spent the rest of the afternoon before Jorry got home just hanging out. Jorry brought me a chipotle chicken sandwich from Panera bread and it was wonderful!! He had had one at a lunch meeting the day before and wanted me to try it.

I got the littles down early because they missed their naps yesterday and my wonderful husband went to Steak and Shake to pick up a chocolate milkshake with caramel for me.

While he was gone I went to Aly’s room to just chat with her. She has been taking lots of pictures and storing them on the computer. I think we may print them out and give her scrapbooking supplies as a gift for Christmas. We had a great talk and I was in there for about an hour. Just this week we started to journal back and forth to one another. It is sometimes easier to write down how she feels, or things she is dealing with so that we can “talk” with our words. So far so good.

So now for the pictures.


DSC04518 DSC04504 DSC04562 DSC04541



DSC04492 DSC04535