Veterans Day

Thank you to all who have served our country and all who are serving now.

Your sacrifice is priceless and I am grateful for my freedom that you protect with your life.

May you and your families be blessed beyond measure.

4 thoughts on “Veterans Day

  1. Thank you so much for your comment. I was browsing through your entries, and I’m sorry about your dad. My mother in law went through a battle through lymphoma about 3 years ago and I too hate cancer.

  2. I asked B if Chris was related to you! Awesome! They seemed really excited about all their plans for it. We HATE the traffic…but we don’t really go too much so that’s good. We’re getting used to it I think…my kids have always been good riders tho, thank God! I think it would be much harder if they were younger. Books on CD have become our best friends! I’m praying for you guys.

  3. Thanks for that post. I think we should give more “props” to our men and women in the armed forces. Even on days not necessarily set aside for it. Hope you’re doing alright today. Going to go to bed now…not sure why I’m still up. LOL!!! Ok, I can hardly see the screen…it is definitely time to go to bed. Love ya sweet Momma!

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