As homemade, handmade and regifted as possible

That is what I am trying to do for Christmas this year. In some cases it won’t be possible, in others it will work just fine. So far this is what I have running around my head.

1. The bigs have dress up cloaks that they don’t use anymore so we are going to tighten up the buttons and they will give one to Emi for her birthday (early Dec) and one for Christmas.

2. I am making the apron here for Emi for her birthday. I have to put it together today. If it turns out ok, which I think it will, then I plan on making one for C.C. because she loves to cook. I will post pictures when I am done.

3. My inlaws want a gift basket of farm fresh items so we are going to put together one with cheese from our farmer, fresh eggs, raw honey, cider, venison jerky and summer sausage and a few other items. Of course for their lab Abby we will have a large bag of homemade dog treats…if I can find the recipe.

4. I am knitting a fun pink scarf for my niece. If I have time I am making a fleece pullover for my nephew. Other wise his gift will be store bought.

5. C.C. is making a homemade hot cocoa mix for our neighbors.

6. Cookies of course will abound around the neighborhood because we like to bake but don’t need to eat all of them.

7. New ornaments will be made for grandparents and I am making a small album for each of the grandmothers and great grandmothers. It will be titled  “A Year in Pictures”.

I wanted to knit some other things but with the unexpected trip to Mississippi it may not happen. Now I need to wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving. We will be out of town on Thursday. And since I have so much to do in regards to this list my posts may slow down.


Be Blessed for You are All a Blessing to Me


4 thoughts on “As homemade, handmade and regifted as possible

  1. I’ve been trying to do that more for birthdays… just b/c the money isn’t there for purchased gifts.  I’m running low on creativity though. 
    I didn’t realize you knit!  (Not sure why I didn’t know that, now that I think about it.)  Maybe we should get together sometime & have a knitting party!  Oh, & to answer a question from the other day, Darci’s cafe is right on 40… I think the actual address is 10 W. Main.  It’s caty-cornered from the big old courthouse, right across the street from the …city building?  I dunno… city/county/something big & marble-y looking.  They’ve been working on alot of the building fronts along there so there was scaffolding up for a while; not sure if it still is or not.
    Happy week!  ~Lori

  2. HMM…. poor Connor no home made for him!! LOL… Just kidding. I know if you have time you will do it. He will love whatever you give him. BTW give me some ideas for your girls as well.

    BIG HUGZ…. MUAH!!!

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