A Great Day

 We had a great day today. I unearthed the top of our dresser and the top of the diaper changer.

Took Aly to the dollar store to get candy for the graham cracker house she wanted to make.

Laundry was done through out the day.

My awesome, totally hot husband cleaned out the refrigerator AND did all of the dishes.

I got some knitting done.

The bigs had a great time making their graham cracker houses.

The littles were happy as usual.

We had a great family dinner.

And the best part was no one fought all day long!

DSC05136 DSC05133 DSC05135 DSC05134 DSC05132



5 thoughts on “A Great Day

  1. Yay for unearthing tabletops and other surfaces!  This is a good thing. I sdet the timer for an hour a day to tackle a goal like that… the top of my fridge or the kiddlings school area are my clutter spots… ewww… they get BAD!
    When I’m done with this book I’ll send it to you… I am REALLY getting a lot out of it.
    The kids did a great job… what fun!

  2. Beautiful children you have and what a lovely day you had. LOVE the graham cracker house idea. I haven’t done that in years! Awesome hubby too…he gets a big high five for the help. I need to tackle the fridge at some point too. Another day. 🙂

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