First snow, first doll hat, fourth scarf

Wednesday morning we woke to about 3in of snow.

DSC05208 DSC05222 DSC05227 DSC05232

It was Emi’s first experience with snow. She took 30minutes to get dressed and spent 10minutes outside!

I have spent the last couple of days finishing my niece’s scarf and last night I found a pattern on line here , for a doll’s hat. I started it before I went to bed and promptly woke up at midnight unable to sleep so I went out to the livingroom, put in Ocean’s 13 and knitted my first ever doll’s hat. It went super fast and it turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself. Thanks to Deb for the yarn!!






I am working on the second of what will be four hats for the girls’ dolls. I hope to have scarves for them as well.

 Next entry I will show you the puppets I made for Emi’s birthday and a couple of the bean bags I have done for Ace’s Christmas. I am off to knit some more and find time to get packed for our first Christmas get together.  Have a great weekend everyone!! 

17 thoughts on “First snow, first doll hat, fourth scarf

  1. I want snow! LOL… Being born, raised and living in Florida (now only 3 miles over the border) It ain’t gonna happen! Phooey I say! PHOOEY!!! 🙂 Cute pic and what fun!

  2. Glad they had fun out in the snow!  My T’s were out yesterday morning before I was even downstairs.    (I told them next time to wait, or at least ask first.)  Cool hat pattern!  I never thought of doll stuff…..  I’m still working on Caitlin’s bday scarf (Nov. 15), then Darci wants one, too…. Colts blue & white knit together – it looks really neat & it’s warm!   Happy weekend!  ~Lori

  3. Wow!  I’m just sitting down to catch up on things, i’ve missed SOME VERY EXCITING THINGS! Congrats on expecting and I too and very glad to be in on the little secret!!!  I pray for more all the time but must leave it in God’s hands 🙂  AND SNOW!!!  HOW FORTUNATE and FUN!  if you e-mail me privately with your address I would love to send ya’ll our newsletter(  Have a great weekend.

  4. Snow. I’ve heard of this stuff…I vaguely remember it. In the last picture of your big one with the pink scarf, I got a glimpse of what Josh’s kids might look like one day.

  5. Scotland sounds nice, too. I am so happy about Emi’s first snow. I will have to tell you about my daughter’s first snow sometime. God used it to confirm his love for me in a most amazing way. Having you, JoAnn, remind me of it is like getting a wonderful hug. Thank you. I love you, sweetheart. You are wrapped up in my thoughts and prayers.
    Daddy Hat

  6. Isn’t that just like a girl!! lol… Takes forever to get ready for a few min. of fun!! lol… She is a girl at heart! The scarf looks wonderful, Loryn will be so excited. I got your dress and it is very pretty. The straps are adustable, I am going to find you a wrap for it just in case we can’t find something else. Love and kisses,

    Aunt Jill!!

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