Knitting Books

Quick, if you had only one choice when it comes to knitting books and you were still a beginner knitter what book would you ask for for Christmas? I am a fast learner but I need one with good pictures.

9 thoughts on “Knitting Books

  1. Knitters for dummies .. if there’s such a thing LOL.. as the computer version and ever other version of “dummies” books (like i have the pilates), are always fairly good.**no i was not “saying” you are a dummie!!

  2. “knitters anonymous” or “cosmic knitting” are two of the best books for beginners that i have read many times. jk.
    stay strong ❤

  3. Oh my…no clue on a book to recommend. I can say that if you can find someone that knows how to knit to teach you it helps. I learned 2 years ago from a friend at church after many unsuccessful attempts.
    If you get it figured out, I also recommend investing in good needles like Addi’s. Or the needles from It really makes a difference.
    Happy knitting!

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