I am doing better. Thank you to everyone who has been thinking of me, praying for me, loving me and being patient with me as I walk through this.


Today I have to go out and shop for all of our kids. Yes, I’m nuts but we didn’t have any money to do so until this weekend. So I am hoping to find a cool toy store in the area that has some unique games for CC, wooden toys of some kind for the littles and as far are Aly goes well, she should be covered with my trip to Target.


We have been introduced to the world of webkins. Some friends of CC’s gave her a penguin and so now Aly has asked for a husky. Shhhh, don’t tell but I found one yesterday at the Cracker Barrell store.

I need to come up with some things to get Jorry. He wants a book and some slippers. I have asked the man what else he wants and he just draws a blank.

Ok, off to find some clothes because I can’t shop in my pajamas.


Merry Christmas!




10 thoughts on “

  1. You will survive with this, JoAnn. I have great faith in you.
    I love the photo, sweetheart. You are at the very center of your family, which is an appropriate place to find its Heart.
    Merry Christmas to each of you. Know that you are wrapped up in my thoughts.
    Daddy Hat

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